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The Unseen
The Unseen
The Unseen are Boston's premier street punk band with a national following that ranks them among the elite in the U.S. street punk scene. You've never heard of them? That's hard to believe considering that they've appeared on every street punk comp that matters! (Over 25 in all!) Not only that, but their debut full length, LOWER CLASS CRUCIFIXION on A-F Records has also sold over 4000 copies. These four kids have been playing punk rock together for 9 years now in which time they've toured with the likes of Anti-Flag, Tom and The Boot Boys (from Japan), and Defiance. In the summer of `99 the The Unseen finished a very successful 2 month U.S. tour with The Casualties and Violent Society and the Summer of 2002 brought The Unseen to tens of thousands of fans on the east coast leg of the Warped Tour and on June 3rd, they will be back with their second full-length on BYO Records, EXPLODE. Look for them on the 2003 Warped Tour!

Explode The Anger and The Truth   
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The Anger and The Truth
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The Unseen
Unseen "False Hope"
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