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The Business
The Business
The year was 1980 and Great Britain was then weathering a social and political maelstrom, that bridged the mid-seventies and eighties entire. It was a chaotic and tumultuous time in which to be young. The confusion and anger of having to face escalating unemployment, suppressive officialdom and exploitive pariahs had goaded an angry backlash. Firstly with the original wave of punk in 1977 and then again three years later with the second wave of streetwise bands of which The Business are quite plainly the market leader.

From the early days and their legendary single “Harry May” (the story of a hit man) to now, The Business never seem to lose that elemental connection to the local environment. In this way their songs have been as much about social documentation as of highlighting a reactionary point of view. It’s the living and breathing voice of south London working class experience. This new offering, “Hardcore Hooligan”, is a testament of that which binds the working class experience – 12 anthemic songs about Football! (“Soccer”) and all that goes with it – done in the classic style that is The Business! As for the music, it’s what they call “street punk” now, and even though The Business have been around for more than 20 years, like they said in 1981 still holds true today: “We appeal to the punks, the Skinheads and the herberts, the lads in the pub.”

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