New Four Letter Word Dates!

New dates posted! Four Letter words are gonna do a handful of dates in the UK with our friends in Off With Their Heads beginning at the end of February. Head over to the shows page to find out more. There are also a few other dates after that tour with some pretty killer lineups as well! ... More
Four Letter Word albums back on BYO site + tour da...

After quite some time, the Four Letter Word albums are back in print and back up in our web store!!! Another bit of news from the band...they will be touring the Off With Their Heads in the US on their way out the The Fest. To get show dates, go to our tour page. See Tour Poster ... More

Four Letter Word
Four Letter Word
Forming in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. in 1991, Four Letter Word signed to BYO records in 1997 after the Stern brothers heard their 1995 debut 7" EP 'Words That Burn'. F.L.W. went onto releases two full length albums and a 7" with BYO between 1997 and 1999 of their melodic and political punk rock; 'A Nasty Piece Of Work', 'Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?' and 'Zero Visibility (Experiments With Truth)'. They toured the U.S. and Canada extensively in the summer of 1998 to promote the first two BYO releases, touring and playing with such bands as Youth Brigade, 7Seconds, Swingin' Utters, Pinhead Circus and Brand New Unit. Legal problems and a revolving door line-up plagued the band for years, but Four Letter Word continue to play to the present day, with new releases and tours in the pipeline.

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