Clit 45
Clit 45
Clit 45 are one of a handful of today's young DIY West Coast punk bands to have successfully built a national and international fanbase. Their rabid live features lead singer, Dave spewing venom on the mic to and at the crowd and is combined with the twin assault of chainsaw guitars and backed by a solid rhythm section. Proven countless times, their show never fails to drive the kids into a frenzy.

Their extensive tour history has this young band sharing stages with some of the most prominent bands in the scene including The Causualties, The Virus, The Unseen, and A Global Threat. At every packed show, Clit 45 have turned heads and fans on to their own brand of Hardcore Punk.

Taking their cues from American Punk and Hardcore such as Adolescents, Poison Idea, and Bad Religion and combining it with the traditional brit punk and NYC bands Clit 45 bring you 14 fresh tracks on "Self Hate Crimes" proving that this band of teenage drunk punks have developed their sound into a solid mature brand of their own.

Self-Hate Crimes 2,4,6,8...   
Self-Hate Crimes
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2,4,6,8... We're The Kids You Love To Hate
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