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Manifesto Jukebox
Manifesto Jukebox
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX, a trio from Finland, play raging punk rock transcending musical boundaries that few bands in this day and age even begin to challenge. They draw comparisons to Husker Du, Leatherface, Rites Of Spring, and Hot Water Music. Though comparisons are meant to give an idea of what you have to look forward to, MANIFESTO JUKEBOX create a noise of tumultuous standards all their own. The passion and drive of their music is backed by socially conscious lyrics sung with conviction, rage, and most importantly, HOPE.

In early 1999, a few months after the formation of MANIFESTO JUKEBOX, their self released 7" was released and quickly caught the attention of the worldwide underground community. They immediately began touring both Finland and the rest of Europe at a rigorous pace. In August 2000 their debut album "Desire" was released by the Bel

In June of 2002 MANIFESTO JUKEBOX's 2nd full length "Remedy" was released on BYO. With these 10 songs MANIFESTO JUKEBOX established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

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A Melody of Retreads and Broken Quills Hot Shit Sample This Rancid / NOFX Roads, Bridges, and Ruins ...And No One Else Wanted To Play Mijo Goes To Jr. College Hallmark EP The Last