..it's been a while, but Kosher dates added!

...they're dusting off their setlist and playing a couple shows this weekend! Keep your eye out for more in June. (oh if you need to catch up, check out 2001's "Self Control") ... More

Not many people know about the small college town of Warrensburg, Missouri, which is about 40 miles east of Kansas City. Apparently, it's the home of the phrase "Man's Best Friend" (pertaining to dogs). There's a statue of a dog called Old Drum in front of the courthouse in town. Supposedly, Warrensburg has the biggest consumption of Natural Light beer in the country. According to the guys in Kosher, "Warrensburg is like any small town, but we have 2 McDonalds.... Ok, one of them is in the Wal Mart. We hang out at home a lot, because it just gets stupid to go down to the bars every night and waste money and make fun of moronic frat boys, and slutty sorority girls (well, it's not all bad)."
The basic structure of Kosher started in 1995 when three out of the four band members got together during their high school years. Although the line-up currently consists of Remi (vocals & bass), Trent (guitar & backing vocals), Josh (guitar), and Rob (drums), the band was initially conceived as a 3-piece. Josh was originally brought in as a bass player in 1999 for a month-long tour of the Mid-West and East Coast. When Kosher got back to writing songs, Josh and Remi swapped instruments. After noticing the new, fuller sound, the band decided to keep Josh as a permanent fixture in the group. Interestingly enough, one of the first times that Josh and the rest of the band hung out together was at a show at which now-label-mates, Pinhead Circus, was playing.

After playing around town, Kosher developed a large fan base in Warrensburg and decided to head out. Miraculously, their "stinky, rusty van, which is held together with duct tape and wire," made it through several U.S. tours in the Mid-West and the East Coast. A few of the bands they have played with are Scared of Chaka, Murder City Devils, Leatherface, Dillinger Four, and The Thumbs. Several tours are in the works.

Kosher is constantly being compared to The Replacements (in their earlier punk years), Black Flag, and Dillinger Four. Past releases include a 7" called "Bored of America" (on the defunct label, Skull Duggery, which was based in Massachussettes) and a self-released EP called "Death to Drama." BYO Records releases Kosher's amazing debut full-length album entitled "Self-Control" on November 27, 2001.

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Youth Brigade-All Style, No Substance Sink with Kalifornija Remedy John Cougar Concentration Camp-8 West BYO Split Series Vol. 2 (w/ Swingin' Utters) Elimination Out Of Print ...And No One Else Wanted To Play 13 ft. and Rising