New Wed Night Heroes dates posted! an email from Graeme in Wednesday Night Heroes today, and he says: "we have been invited to play some gigs in Whitehorse, Yukon which is way up in northern Canada near Alaska. It is remote and the promoter said he would take us Dog Sledding and Snowmobiling. Hopefully we'll get guns and he will leave one of us out in the wilderness to try and make it back to civilization." Dates are posted on the tour page! ... More
Listen, laugh, VOTE!

For an odd bit of news...The dudes in Wednesday Night Heroes have come up with their take on a jingle for a national hockey show in Canada called "Hockey Night In Canada". Basically, it's a contest where they're looking for the best jingle. Make sure to head over, listen, then vote! As Graeme said "It's just what the ROCKER ordered" ... More
Wednesday Night Heroes' Canada dates added!

Fresh off their mega US tour with label mates, A Global Threat, WNH have announced shows across their fair country, Canada. Head over to the tours page to get more info. ... More
Wednesday Night Heroes review on

Read it here! ... More
New album, New tour!

Canada's premier punk band, Wednesday Night Heroes have announced a Canadian tour. Check out the tour poster HERE Head over to their myspace page to check out a couple songs off their upcoming album GUILTY PLEASURES which will be out on June 5. ... More
BYO Welcomes: WNH!

Alberta's WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES have been one of our "must listens" around the office the last couple months and we're thrilled to welcome them to the BYO family. Expect a new full length this summer. ... More

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Wednesday Night Heroes
Wednesday Night Heroes
The best way to comprehend the glorious world of the Wednesday Night Heroes is to understand the importance of making the perfect mix-tape. Two crucial ingredients are necessary: first off, you need friends whom you can share a tape with and secondly, you need to have some killer music to induce the craziest slam pit at any dinner party or high-fiving convention.

In 1997, four friends from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada wanted to start a band that would mix up the great U.K. sounds of The Professionals, the Cockney Rejects, Chelsea and the Clash with their love for early 80s hardcore, like GBH, Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, SNFU, and Naked Raygun. Why couldn’t music make a statement and be fun at the same time? Bands were becoming either too serious or too retarded. In the 90s, punk music became stale and cliché and degenerated into sweatpants versus squeegees. The void needed to be filled and The Wednesday Night Heroes were willing to make punk fun and a threat once again. After honing their musical chops on a nearby mountain and playing bonecrushing punk anthems to the local wildlife, the Wednesday Night Heroes finally decided to bring their show to the world, playing every place that punks needed an outlet to go off since 2001.

2006 saw the Wednesday Night Heroes tearing up North America with the likes of A Global Threat, The Briefs, Youth Brigade, and the Casualties. Although Manowar and ZZ Top turned down the possible WNH tour, the boys pressed on with the hope that one-day they would “out-muscle” and “out-beard” their contemporaries. With a high flying energetic show, the Wednesday Night Heroes invite every kid who feels out of step or pissed off with their surroundings to come out, release their wiggles, stage dive and have some fun.

If you can’t wait for the show, check out the brand new album Guilty Pleasures slated for BYO this year. With a nice cross-section of hardcore punk and anthemic choruses, the WNH offer up a mixtape for all those interested in music that strays away from any preconceived notion of streetpunk or hardcore. Life’s too short. It’s time to think outside the box. No borders and Guilty Pleasures.

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