Absolute Punk review!

"It seems that the last few years have seen a plethora of "punk" documentaries. From American Hardcore (based on the book of the same name) to a semester of the genre packed into Punk: Attitude, we're certainly getting a visual of the 80's and 90's punk platform of yesterday. BYO Record's 25th anniversary documentary is not one to be shelved at all. Not only is there a visual, there's an audio accompaniment that is equally as nostalgic for some." Read the whole thing here: absolutepunk. ... More
Verbicide Review

Another great review from our friends at Verbicide! "Iím going to say this right off the bat: if youíre not considering buying this box set, thereís going to be an emptiness in your music collection, thus making the rest of your collection worthless without it. I was so excited to get my hands on this that I had to tell somebody. So I called my friend Alvin, who I assumed knew a lot about California punk rock. But when he told me that he never heard of Youth Brigade or BYO Records, ... More
Cool Review of Boxed Set!

We've run into a lot of people on the road, and this dude was awesome! We got to talk to him and his dad (two generations of punks!). Anyhow, we wanted to share with you his review! ... More
Have you checked out the Let Them Know site yet?

Head over to www.letthemknowthemovie.com to check out trailers, ecards and get more info on the just-released BYO 25th Anniversary boxed set! ... More
Screening in SLC this friday!


Slug Magazine and BYO Records presents the exclusive SLC screening of 'LTK'! This screening will take place immediately after the Youth Brigade show at In The Venue on the same night. Seating is limited (movie is F-R-E-E!) and the only way you're gettin' in is to RSVP in advance to: youthbrigade@slugmag.com R.S.V.P now or you'll be left out in the cold! ... More
Ordering info on boxed set!

....Hey folks! Heads up that ordering on the boxed set (both the limited edition 2 x red vinyl and the cd versions) are going to be available online for order here starting Tue, 9/22. Sorry everyone for not being able to get back to each of you, we've gotten a TON of emails. Hopefully this eases your minds. Place your orders early cause I think the vinyl sets are gonna go quick! Also, every Hot Topic in the country will have the LP and CD versions available front and center, so if you can't wait to get ... More
New Trailer + free track posted on spin.com

Check out the new trailer over at spin.com .. and while you're there, download the first full track we've released off the album! www.spin.com ... More
9/01/09: Brand new ECARD! Preview more tracks!

We've got five more tracks for you to sneak preview...head over to www.letthemknowthemovie.com and go to the 'audio comp' page to check em out, or just click HERE! (pssst...in case you missed last weeks, you can catch up cause last weeks is all loaded up on that too!) Stay tuned for next week where we'll have another five mindblowing tracks. ... More
BYO Boxed Set Los Angeles Release Party!

The Los Angeles Movie Premiere of
"Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records"
Thurs. Sept. 10, 2009 Nike Sportswear at The Montalbŗn Theatre 1615 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028
Movie Premiere: 7:00pm sharp

Show to follow with
7 Seconds / Swingin Utters / Youth Brigade
Limited number of tickets available here. ... More
Let Them Know + Director Jeff Alulis tours the Sou...

"Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade" will be shown alongside other quality independent features on this year's Southern Circuit Film Festival. This unique tour will take a group of young filmmakers on the road, taking up-and-coming directors along for each of the showings. "Let Them Know" director, Jeff Alulis, will be joining the tour and will be appearing on behalf of his film and BYO. Get more info on the tour at : http://www.southarts.org ... More
Let Them Know at NXNE!

Check out the site!: http://www.letthemknowthemovie.com

We're packing our bags and heading up to this year's NXNE Music and Film Festival, Canada's #1 showcase event, featuring the best new music and music films around.

Let Them Know is stoked to be a part of it! The festivities will kick off on June 17and run through June 21. More details are coming on venue/times for the film as well as further BYO showcase details. In the meantime, wrap your head around this: the movie, which will be part of the BYO 25 ... More

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Let Them Know
Let Them Know
This boxed set includes:

A 31-track compilation featuring exclusive tracks from Pennywise, NOFX, Youth Brigade, Dropkick Murphys, Leatherface, Bouncing Souls, 7 Seconds, and many more!

The movie that is currently touring the U.S.! Directed by Jeff Alulis (Do You Remember? 15 Years of the Bouncing Souls, NOFX: Backstage Passport), this movie has screened to thousands of music fans, thirsty to hear this never before told story. Tons of interviews and rare footage (and of course, a killer soundtrack!)

Rare photos and stories told by those who were there to live it. Dozens of images help tell this story.

(CD VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE. It does not include the 2 x LP's and instead has a CD of the audio compilation)


7 Seconds Sink With California [buy on itunes]
American Steel Dead and Broken [buy on itunes]
Anti-Flag 1000 Miles [buy on itunes]
Ashers In The Night [buy on itunes]
Blue Collar Special Believe in Something [buy on itunes]
Bouncing Souls Young Til I Die [buy on itunes]
CH3 Scratches and Needles [buy on itunes]
Complete Control Victoria [buy on itunes]
Dropkick Murphys Fight To Unite [buy on itunes]
Filthy Thieving Bastards It's Empty [buy on itunes]
In The Red Little White God [buy on itunes]
Johnny Madcap & the Distractions The Ballad of Johnny X [buy on itunes]
Krum Bums Hating Every Minute [buy on itunes]
Lagwagon S.O.S. [buy on itunes]
Leatherface doublewhiskeycokenoice [buy on itunes]
Lower Class Brats Pill Box [buy on itunes]
Matt Skiba I Scream [buy on itunes]
NOFX No More Lies [buy on itunes]
Nothington All The Way [buy on itunes]
Off With Their Heads Headlights...ditch! [buy on itunes]
Old Man Markley We're In! [buy on itunes]
Pennywise We're Gonna Fight [buy on itunes]
Pulley Wrecking Crew [buy on itunes]
Shark Soup Fade Away [buy on itunes]
Subhumans Piss On You [buy on itunes]
The Briefs Who Is Who [buy on itunes]
The Cute Lepers Future Dreams [buy on itunes]
The Ignorant Keep On [buy on itunes]
Wednesday Night Heroes Foreign Policy [buy on itunes]
Young Governor & Marvelous Mark Domination [buy on itunes]
Youth Brigade Misfortune [buy on itunes]

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